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You Might Be Making $1.50/hr – Successful Integration of WordPress, CRM & SEO

Forgive the long title, but if you have been looking for the perfect solution for your Real Estate Online marketing solution, you have undoubtedly run across WordPress as a Blogging and Website Solution.

For those of you that ara not familiar, WordPress is hailed as the world’s most popular Open Source Blogging solution and Content Management System.

Now, before you run out to join a slew of others that are jumping in and setting up their own WordPress site on some shared hosting environment for a few bucks a month, consider the results you are trying to achieve.  We are probably one of the Real Estate Industry’s BIGGEST proponents of WordPress.  In fact, we have built the ENTIRE WordPress platform into our solution – we love it!

However, there are some very BIG reasons that we highly discourage agents and brokerages from taking it on themselves or from just hiring a brother/cousin/niece/puppy to get in and run their online marketing for them.

Reason #1 – Your Online Marketing is TOO IMPORTANT

The reality is, this is one of the most important aspects of your brand and your business now and in the future.  Skimping on this, and trying to spend a lot of time and energy doing something in a short-handed way will not benefit your business.

Statistically, around 60% of our clients have tried doing their own thing previously, from WordPress to Blogger to HTML and more…  The problem is that you inevidably discover that there is actually a lot to it.  There is a reason that many agents struggle online – it is because most agents don’t use a professional, fully-integrated solution, nor do they know what to do with their solutions.

Reason #2 – Your Time is TOO VALUABLE

In addition to needing to have this stuff done right, you really have to stop and look at the value of your time.  Remember that doing the wrong thing is not only going to cost you more money than you think, but it will cost you a LOT of extra time.

Take the comparison of 2 options (we’re going to shamelessly use a biased example):

Real Estate Marketing Option 1:

You spend 12 hours per week doing your website, blogging, etc on your own WordPress solution you host somewhere for $10/mo.  You also then need to get your IDX solution for another $29/mo.

Total Monthly Cost (TMC) = 48 hours + $39

Real Estate Marketing Option 2:

You spend 2 hours per week doing your website, blogging, etc on Inside Real Estate’s Fully Integrated Platform that includes Website, CRM, Lead Manager, Automation, IDX, Support and Training.  You spend a total $99/mo.

Total Monthly Cost (TMC) = 8 hours + $99

RESULT = You would be paying yourself less than $1.50 per hour to make that make sense.  OUCH!

Reason #3 – Online Marketing Success REQUIRES INTEGRATION

There are a few major reasons that your Real Estate Online Marketing needs to be done by professionals.  One of those is in the integrations.  Many agents find themselves spending a huge amount of time on something that appears simple, but gets hung up on making systems talk to each other or in losing data between your marketing ad lead follow-up.

In fact, about 70% of Online Real Estate Leads are lost in today’s market, because agents do not know how to follow up on those leads – many times because of poorly integrated systems and reminders, etc.

What Your Online Marketing SHOULD Look Like

Inside Real Estate has worked hard to ensure that ALL of the latest technologies and tools along with professional branding and design, and even the latest IDX Solution is seamlessly built into your Online Marketing Solution.  And frankly, you need to make a lot more than $1.50 an hour!

Give us a call for a 1-on-1 Demo of our Latest, Fully Integrated, Highly Automated, Training-Included Solutions.

(800) 656-1646

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