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Leads are Easy, Converting Them is the Challenge (And 5 Ways to Fix That)

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In today’s real estate market, finding leads really isn’t the problem, it’s converting them.There are multiple ways  to help you cultivate your list. But it’s what you do with those leads that really matters. Even in hot real estate markets you’ll find plenty of potential clients who need nurturing. How are you going to nurture them all the way to the closing table?

Advances in real estate platforms and smart CRM tools mean that agents and brokers have ample opportunities to stay on top of their leads: artificial intelligence, behavioral automation and other smart technologies can help  agents really master the capture-to-close part of the sales funnel. With so much going on behind the scenes, what should agents expect from their CRM platform?


#1. Your smart CRM should be able to see what homes a lead is looking at (including  the photos of that house), and should then suggest other homes that look visually similar. Providing this level of personalized service allows you to be seen by potential clients as the real estate expert who understands  their taste.


#2. Your smart CRM should see that a lead has looked at a listing a number of times and should then automatically text the prospect asking if he or she is ready to set up a time to view the property. Once again, you’ll be seen as an expert who is truly able to anticipate their needs (or a mind reader, which can’t be too bad either).


#3. Your smart CRM should provide you with a daily list of contacts you need to touch base with, even telling you why you need to reach out, and should give you one-touch dialing to make the process easier than ever. Features like these streamline your entire day and allow you to see everything that needs to get done in one place.


#4. Your smart CRM should also handle much of the legwork for you in order to better prepare for an initial client conversation. Sure, you have a ton of buyer consultation requests coming in, but imagine if you could be better prepared for these initial meetings. Imagine if you could see all of the listings they were preemptively looking at before you spoke. Staying on top of your leads’ activity levels without having to actually spend the time tracking them is a must for any smart CRM.


#5. Your smart CRM should help you set up an automated home buyer SMS or email drip campaign. Along the same lines of delivering an eBook to your leads or clients once they convert on one of your site’s landing pages, forms, or pop ups, you can also develop a personalized series of email messages by using marketing automation. The emails can automatically send on your behalf based on the behaviors of your leads.


Making Technology Work for You


It comes as no surprise that many of your leads might not be ready to purchase right away. But that certainly doesn’t mean you should ignore them. The right CRM will nurture those leads, keeping you on top of mind while they get ready to make a move. That same CRM should also get you faster info on your qualified leads, too. Regardless of where your leads are on the buyer’s/seller’s journey, your CRM should help you determine who’s hot and who’s a slow-burn, and how to best nurture both types.


By using technology to your advantage, converting leads will become less and less of a challenge.The right CRM and automation tool will work behind the scenes for you, to keep your leads warm until they’re ready to move


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