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The 3 Power Phases of Driving QUALITY Real Estate Leads

real-estate-leads-generation-power-liftingBy now, if you have been around working to get consistent real estate lead generation, you have certainly run into the quality vs quantity issue.  That dilemma is more than just an annoyance of chasing too many leads for far too few deals.  The truth is, if you don’t play your lead-gen right, it can be your bottom line killer.

If you think about your bottom line, it is always a function of what you are bringing in vs what you are putting out there (in costs).  So, when you are looking at what is going to grow that bottom line, you have to look at what pushes one lever forward without pushing them both.  This is true whether you are a single 1- or 2-person team or whether you are a large brokerage – or maybe you are 1 or 2 and are moving to become 10.

The real issue to consider is what is the growth built on – are you going for mass quantity and you already have a proven system in place to handle a huge in-flux of low-quality leads?  Typically, when all the factors are considered the answer is no – at least most are much better setup to handle a more moderate flow of much higher quality buyer or listing leads that close at higher rates.

In a lot of ways, this sounds like a no-brainer – And it is, in theory.  In practice, though, you need to focus efforts and resources around 3 main, Power-Phases of your real estate marketing:

Phase 1: Reaching Out – Finding Quality, Qualified Real Estate Leads

The buzz-word of the season is “Real Estate Content Marketing.”  Basically it is what we have preached for years, and has everything to do with marketing yourself out there in the right way – with value.  When reaching out to find quality leads, remember that the quality for you means that you leverage what is unique about you to reach out to potential buyer or listing leads.

The discussion on Social Media for Real Estate, Craigslist for Real Estate, Blogging for Real Estate, and all of the rest of the activities really revolves around how to generate quality content at a pace and with as large a reach as possible, while encouraging search engines to index, rank and drive visibility back to you.

If there is one key that we could recommend in this phase, it is to ensure consistency and uniqueness – and don’t try to do all this yourself, in our experience, that means you are bound to be the point of failure if you do it all yourself.

Phase 2: Pulling In – Establishing Thought Leadership, Branding & Value

Most people know that Inside Real Estate works with our clients to setup everything in Phase 1, including generating content, pushing out to social media, etc.  You may also know that the website, blog and other tools are setup and managed for you.  What you may not realize is that there is a step in there that a lot of real estate professionals don’t consider – the value and brand pass-off.

When you generate content somewhere on the web, whether you are (or our team doing it for you) posting to Facebook or a Real Estate Google+ Community, or maybe creating a blog post somewhere, the goal is obviously to generate some interest and get people to connect or contact you.  The trick, is in making sure that when people click, read or follow you, they find exactly what you want them to find.

You really need them to go back to your website, and they need to find a well-branded sites that is tailored to the content you are sharing, IDX that is integrated and focused on the types of things you are talking about, and then everything should be setup for the right kind of SEO for Search Engine Placement.

The end result of the right efforts here mean that, as a potential client, my experience running into you might go something like this:

  1. I am searching for information on how to get a current value on my home in my local market
  2. I see the regular results (trulia, zillow, etc), but I have heard some of those are inaccurate
  3. I see an article by you on Google+ talking about home valuations and a home in my area and click it
  4. I read the snippet and find a link to the full article on your website, but only briefly hit it then leave
  5. I am searching for a listing a saw down the street that looked to be in a similar price range, and your site shows up with that listing
  6. I think “Oh, this person must really know my local area” and click through.
  7. Your website happens to have a number of listings in my range on the front
  8. I notice you have lots of price ranges that you outline for me, and as I drill down into one, your lead capture pops up

Hopefully you didn’t get bored at step 4, but the truth of the online experience for your potential clients is that there is not one single path.  You really have to know how to pull these people in from any number of different searches and sources.  As long as your core website and brand is setup with your content the right way, you’ll find lots of these people out there right now, and plenty of high quality traffic hitting your site.

Phase 3: Capturing – Persistant Real Estate Lead Capture with Smart Follow-Up

The final phase is the capture – making sure that when you have gotten this kind of traffic and exposure out there, you are able to turn that into a warm lead.  This isn’t as much a 1-time activity as some would like to believe.  This is as much about having some tools built into your solution for lead captures as it is about fine-tuning those lead captures based on your website data and analytics. Different areas, different price ranges, different customers and time all have an impact on what will result in a quality lead capture.

The second half of this phase is the follow-up.  We talk about this more in other posts on our website, but this is a function of the system you use and the process you follow to follow up your leads.  We see our clients reaching 15% conversion on leads as they follow a fine-tuned process and measure their results.  Your system has to be able to show you those results and automate a lot of steps (the IRE System does that for you, if you were wondering 🙂 and as you do that, you find that you can really focus on your piece of the puzzle in the lead conversion.


Ultimately, this recipe of reaching out to new leads, pulling them in and capturing is not just something that will secure new business in the short run, but it actually is a system to drive long-term search results, long-term branding recognition, and a business that can adjust with market trends to keep you on top.

That is what you are shooting for, and it is what we guarantee with our Lead promoter programs.  Give us a call for more details, and to see if the program is available in your market.



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