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How Serious is Your Real Estate Website? (5 Steps to Success)

Serious real estate websites are like serious Olympians – They Perform!

I like to reflect back on sports and seasons after the fact to see what really stands out to me.  As I looked back at the last Olympic Season, It struck me again, as it has many times before, the huge difference that exists in results that the Performers enjoy vs. the non-performers.

Most of you might already be nodding your head, thinking “yeah, my website under-performs, but I’m never going to really reach the Olympics anyway..”

Well, you may not reach the Olympics, but Online Marketing Success is a lot closer than you think.  The biggest mistake you could make is thinking that you better not change when you have something that is under-performing.

So, here are 5 things that you can do RIGHT NOW to increase your exposure and online results:

1. Your Online Marketing ≠ Website + A Crappy FB Profile

Remember when websites were the only way to be online?  Yep… it was about 10 years ago.  So, it is high time for you to make sure that you have a complete online presence that includes the whole Online Scheme.  Some call it Multi-Channel Marketing, some call it a Balanced Marketing Plan… We call it using all online best practices to drive your business (catchy eh?).  Whatever you call it, you need to include the following:

  • Professional Real Estate Website – Good Design, Good Branding, Modern and Easy to Use
  • IDX that is Integrated, non-framed, and Search-Engine-Optimized – The Works
  • Social Integration AND Automation
  • Blogging that Doubles as Your Email Marketing System
  • Lead Management & CRM – With Tasks, Calendars, etc.

2. Stop DIY’ing Your Life Away

Most of us already agree that we should work on what we’re best at… that doesn’t stop us from spending 80% of our time with things that we really shouldn’t be doing, right?  This is one fo the traps we all fall into.  It’s a huge weight off your shoulders when you realize that you actually SAVE money and INCREASE deals by letting marketing professionals help you get great exposure and then you focus on deals.

This is one of the true secrets that the top 5% of real estate agents and brokers are leveraging to beat everyone else out.  If you think you can’t afford it, think again – you can!  If you think you’re already doing it, just make sure to evaluate how your marketing help is being used, and who it is that is doing it – the qualifications of your help can make all the difference.


3. Time to Embrace the CONTENT

We have made a big deal out of this point previously, but the truth is, Content is King these days online.  You win visibility and exposure, you gain trust with visitors, potentials and leads, and you can even farm a referral base much more effectively.

Most agents and brokers don’t really have a content strategy, and so it is big and intimidating.  The key is to have that outsourced marketing team that we talked about above (who us?) doing the right things, and then TRAINING you on how to leverage your time most effectively.

You probably already have some outstanding content stored in your head, including good real estate videos you have seen recently, articles that stood out to you, advice your lender recently gave you, and experience with a buyer that was interesting…. and the list goes on.  The trick is getting your content out on the web and working for you.


4. Plan to Spend Money – But Do It Goldilocks Style

As mentioned above, the winning strategy is not to penny-pinch your way to success or to outspend every one out there.  You really have to find the Not Too Little, Not Too Much position in your marketing.  Meaning, if you skimp too heavily, you are going to find yourself literally burning cash, because it did you absolutely no good, and you might as well have burned it and saved some money on your gas bill.  On the flip side, if you overspend just to beat someone else out on some National Search Website Zip Code, you’re probably not getting a very solid return either (can we say .5% lead conversion?).

So, how do you spend right?  Well, we had a webinar about this the other day, but the key is to know what is working out there on the web and leverage the trends.  This is a moving target at times, which is another reason not to try and DIY everything.  It is important that your marketing makes sense, can be guaranteed to some degree, and leverages the latest tools all together without taking too much of your time.


5. Get it Right, Reap the Benefit

So, we covered a lot of  points above.  The main idea is that it is really a game of PLATFORM + PROMOTION = PERFORMANCE.  Where the Promotion has to be done by those that know how to help you do it.  I have only run into about an actual handful of agents or brokers that I seriously thought should be doing their own marketing.  And for those, it was part of their overall strategy, that they do it, they had been trained to do it, and in most cases – other agents were the ones working the deals!

For the rest, it makes sense to work with your clients, because that is what you are great at, and then spend the rest of your time working with solid, warm leads that have been looking for the right agent and the right home.


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