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3 Tips to Drive Leads from Your All-in-1 Real Estate Website

Getting Leads from your real estate website is really the point isn’t it?  But do you simply have some fancy set of tools, or do you have a marketing toolset, training and plan to get real leads and real business?

Truthfully, there are lots of agents out there with an “All-in-1” Real Estate solution.  The big question for most still exists:

“What is the real driver of your Real Estate Online Marketing Success?”

Getting consistent leads from your online presence is more about Visibility and Lead conversion that having every single technology tool in the market.  Below, we’ll share 3 tips to getting consistent leads from your online presence.

1. Be the Real Estate Expert – Visibly

You should be your area’s most knowledgeable and successful Real Estate Expert – that is who every buyer, seller or investor wants to work with, right?  Well, you may be that person, or you may not be.  The key is that you need to appear professional and knowledgable online but just as importantly, you need to show up often and all over the place.

One of the biggest keys to success these days to have a professional presence, opinion and information that shows up on your website, on the search engines, and on Social Media.

Unless you have a full marketing team to do this for you, you’ll need a fairly automated “multi-channel” approach.  This entails knowing what content is going to be hitting all of the various online websites and search engines every week.

With Inside Real Estate, this multi-channel strategy and automation is what we specialize in.  We are focused on your visibility across the board in a true lead-driving fashion.

2. Focus on Getting People to the Search

Statistically, this is where the best online leads come from – your homesearch and property details.  So, in addition to ensuring that you have an active IDX connection on your Real Estate Website, you also need to be sure that it is SEO-Friednly, and your site, navigation and other elements are condusive to Google, Yahoo and Bing finding the content you want them to on your site.

Again, this is not necessarily always straight-forward, and so Inside Real Estate provides the tools to accomplosh this, along with Managed SEO Packages that take care of all of that Search Enging Friendly goodness that really drives results and leads consistently.

When done correctly, many agents and brokers are seeing about 60% of their leads go to the deal/transaction process.

3. Invest Smart

There is no question that you are going to need to invest in your marketing.  The idea that agents or brokers can do their own marketing online for free (WordPress, Blogger, HTML, etc) is not only a fallicy, but it is probably one of the biggest waste’s of your time as a professional.

If you think about you trying to draft up all of your own contracts, paperwork, documents, etc for your real estate business without an attorney, hopefully this draws some parallels.  The truth is, some of these technologies are extremely valuable (We love WordPress, and use it all the time), but the issue is, they take configuration, upkeep, monitoring and integration.  And that is before you even get any leads.

Your money and time should be invested into professionals who can help you gain visibility, and who understand how to keep building Marketing Equity in your Personal and Brokerage Real Estate Brand for years to come.


The real trick, is making sure that your chosen web providers and online marketing partners (because that is what they are), know how to leverage all of the Social, Search and website portions of the web along with integrate your solutions to save you time.

You need to spend wisely on marketing to get the leads and business you want today and the Brand you want to have tomorrow.

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