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Real Estate Lead Generation Tip of the Week: April 5

Real Estate Lead Measurement

This week, our Real Estate Lead Generation Tip comes from the very root of success with online marketing – measurements.  If you want something to improve, you have to measure it.  So, what should you be measuring with your online marketing and real estate leads?

Well, you always want to get down and measure the things that are going to have the biggest impact on your bottom line first.  We want to give you a few things to be measuring that will make you stand out from your competition, and help you dial down your real results.

1. Real Estate Leads Have an Expiration Date

And most of us in the business realize that really, if you want to strike while it is hot, you need a 15-minute rule or max 30-minute rule.  So, how do you measure that?  If you find yourself saying “Well, the lead comes in, and I pick up the phone right then and…”, then I can already tell you your response time is probably much higher than you think.

Do you have a report that gives you this?  Does it log automatically?

2. Who Does What with Your Real Estate Leads and When

Again, with leads that expire, you need to know who is really doing what when, and YOU want to be the one to say that the leads really didn’t workout (hopefully after a 12-15 touch campaign at least).  Where is your report on this?  Is it automated?


These are common missed measurements.  Get your hands around these and see your conversions increase.


If you need help getting these in place, contact our team today!


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