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The ‘Exclusive’ Real Estate Agent: Local Search Marketing Best Practices

Local, local, local. You know how important local search marketing is for your real estate agents. You’ve probably heard the advice a million times: pick a niche, specialize in it, and make it the central point in all of your online marketing efforts.

But in over-saturated markets where the competition is fierce, it’s easy to find yourself still fighting to keep your head above water. That’s why smart real estate agents are optimizing their websites further by utilizing what is known as ‘hyper’ local search marketing. For example, instead of optimizing your website for something like “Seattle WA real estate,” you target even more specific locations or neighborhoods in key phrases like “Victory Heights Seattle real estate” or “luxury condo for sale in Victory Heights.

If you are able to focus on more specific key phrases that convert at much higher rates than more general phrases, then you could reduce the sales cycle of your prospects by months.

However, before going full steam ahead, you must define what niche you specialize in. Is it the community that you sell the most homes in or know the most about? Or maybe it is the community that you are trying to get into to re-brand yourself as a luxury real estate agent? Whichever it is, make sure you identify it, stick with it and focus all of your lead gen efforts around it.

Knowing your niche and the locations that you specialize in will allow you to effectively market your real estate business for local search. Here are some key areas of focus to help you stand out in the crowd and get the most from your local real estate lead generation.

Community & Neighborhood Pages

Put yourself in the home buyer’s shoes. If you were moving to a new area, what features would you want to see listed on a real estate neighborhood page? To really make your website stand out above all of the competition, your neighborhood pages need to give buyers the information that will help them make an informed decision about whether or not one of your listings is located in an area that they want to live. Check out your competitors, and offer something they don’t.

Local Facebook Marketing

The Facebook ad platform offers some of the most cost-effective and precise demographic and behavioral targeting out there. The platform offers a rich, diverse, and deep level of targeting options. Two of the broad areas include Interests and Behaviors, even including a behavioral category for people that are “Likely to move.” Then, you can further segment geographically for more precise and focused targeting by adding in zip codes for your niche areas and neighborhoods. When done right, Facebook marketing can improve lead generation and give your real estate agents a leg up on local competition.

Local Blog Content

Use your blog as a platform to showcase your community and neighborhood expertise. Know your area and its inventory thoroughly, and make a point of viewing all new listings at least once a week so you have first-hand knowledge to include in your posts. Hyper-local real estate blogging requires a good mix of content. Your goal should be to generate leads that result in commissions – not just to increase blog traffic. Post about a variety of things including community events, new businesses, neighborhood spotlights, local market stats and new listings.

SEO Optimized

It all comes back to this. You can have a wealth of blog content, community pages and a solid Facebook presence, but if it’s not SEO optimized with local and niche key phrases, you’re not making the most of your lead gen efforts. In fact, you’re handing over your leads to a real estate agent who already has it figured out.

Local search marketing works for real estate lead generation. Just remember, the search engines want to yield the most relevant and specific results for what people search for. If your website is properly optimized for very specific, geo-targeted phrases, then the search engines will be that much more inclined to rank you higher in their results.

To get better search engine exposure, more prospects and higher conversion rates, reach out to real estate marketing experts with extensive SEO knowledge and start establishing your ‘hyper’ local market presence.

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