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Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE Platform Makes Switching from Contactually Easy

Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE Platform Makes Switching from Contactually Easy


Feb 28, 2019, Draper, UTAH – Inside Real Estate, the company behind powerhouse tech solution kvCORE, is excited to offer support to brokers who may be reconsidering their vendor relationship with Contactually.

“It’s an interesting predicament when the technology you trust to both run your business and house your data gets suddenly uprooted and owned by a competitor,” says Joe Skousen, Founder and President of Inside Real Estate. There is a definite trend emerging among leading brokerage firms to make an attempt to transition themselves into a “tech company”.  Realogy Franchise Group stocked up their customer relationship system with the purchase of Zip Realty and deployed the Zap Platform. Windermere was joined by Howard Hanna and Long and Foster in the ownership of MoxiWorks. RE/MAX purchased booj. The results have been spotty.

After yesterday’s announcement of Compass acquiring Contactually, Contactually users have been notified and reportedly they have until the end of the year to transition to a new CRM. “Nothing can be more disruptive to a brokerage than being abandoned by their CRM provider with short notice,” says Skousen.

The complications related to tech acquisitions are serious and potentially detrimental to brokerages that now need to scramble to find and transition to new solutions, which can be a complicated process.

While Compass, like other big brands, have recognized the challenge with creating in-house tech solutions and the need-for-speed in the industry today, often times it can take years to adapt the technology to your custom needs, merge the resources, and turn it into a successful platform rollout that agents will actually use.  This is very evident in the industry today, with many claims and announcements being made on stage, but very few results to show for it.

“It takes years to do this right,” says Skousen. “Your tech platform needs proprietary functions and features, a robust API, and it needs to be owned by people you trust as your technology partner.”

“Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and integrations are critical features of any CRM today,” says Skousen.  “They allow for the CRM to integrate with any number of other software applications in your business to facilitate and streamline the transfer of data back and forth. kvCORE has a wonderfully robust API and the tools and resources needed to help brokerages seamlessly transition from Contactually or other systems.”

The kvCORE Platform has been successfully rolled out to many of the largest brokerages in the country and the results have been extremely positive.  “Every brokerage we’ve worked with has had a complex web of point solutions and various data inputs.  We’ve worked hard to anticipate these complexities and streamline rollouts resulting in smooth migrations.  We’ve been happy to see results showing agent adoption way above industry norms and increases in agent productivity across the board,” says Skousen.

This is a crunch time in the real estate tech industry right now. The real winners will be the brokerages who find the right tech partner and adopt the right solutions.

About Inside Real Estate

Inside Real Estate is among the fastest growing real estate software companies in the industry and serves over 150,000 agents, teams, and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company is the developer of the kvCORE Platform, the only comprehensive brokerage platform that singlehandedly serves the needs of the broker, office manager, team lead and agent.  To cater to the unique needs of every business, 50+ deep integrations and vetted partner solutions are available to platform users through the Marketplace, the cloud-based integration center for Inside Real Estate.   For standalone teams with brokerages not supported by kvCORE, the k+ TEAM Platform is available with features designed specifically for the team business model.   To learn more about Inside Real Estate solutions, visit insiderealestate.com.

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