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As a team leader, your job is to be the rainmaker. You need to not only keep your agents fed with a consistent flow of high-quality leads, but make sure they’re closing them as well. The best system will help you drive lead-generation, automate engagement and multiply closings. See why kvCORE is the #1 choice for successful teams.

The #1 Lead Generation Platform

Your team needs to be constantly driving new business. This includes business from free sources, like social media, as well as paid sources, like Google and Facebook ads. Additionally, you want to bring all leads from all sources together effortlessly with Lead Sync. kvCORE gives you the most simple and powerful set of tools to drive and manage leads all in one place.

Hands-Off Engagement with Marketing Autopilot

Our Marketing Autopilot features embrace Artificial Intelligence features like behavioral lead response text messaging, Smart Campaigns & Queing up phone calls to the CallQ Mobile Dialer. The result is fast, responsive automation that drives leads to become clients.

Your Most Productive Employee, the Smart CRM

Your most productive employee is the one working night and day to keep you organized, informed, and working at the top of your game. The Smart CRM receives, distributes, rates, and qualifies leads. It takes your Sphere of Influence and powers it up. It helps you prioritize what you’ll work on next, and even gives you scripts to use in a pinch. Time to become the best version of you.

CallQ Mobile Dialer is Your Game Changer

You have everything from open houses and showings to paperwork and closings. You don’t have time to babysit your laptop. The CallQ Mobile Dialer gives you a personalize dialer with calls served up automatically to you every day based on the leads and contacts most important for you to call today. You can also use it to reach out to groups of leads from your hashtags or any other set of people. Hit go, and talk on bluetooth while you run around town. We get it, you’re balancing a lot, so your tech needs to be mobile with you. Try it out, and you’ll never go back.

I’ve worked with Inside Real Estate / Kunversion for years. With our size we worried there would be issues with adoption and usage. It turns out this is the most beneficial system we have ever used to drive results. Our agents and teams use kvCORE Platform daily to drive more leads and deals. We love that it works for our lead-generation along with our agent’s Sphere of Influence Leads, Prospecting, Networking, etc. They love it! These guys have helped established us as the leaders in our market with their technology. They even release updates monthly, far outpacing the rate of progress this industry is used to seeing. We couldn’t be more happy and are in it with them for the long haul!

Jeff Russell, Russell Realty

kvCORE for Teams provides more features per dollar than any other Platform

Packages depend on the size of your team, and your budget for lead generation.
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