The next-gen solution for modern brokerages and enterprises to run their entire business on one platform.

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The Only True All-In-One Platform

There has been a serious gap in the real estate website, lead and CRM solutions. None provide the breadth of functionality you, your agents and teams need; and not within a modern, scalable platform. At least, there had been, until now…

Your Entire Business – All in One Place

Introducing the first completely scalable, all inclusive, real estate platform for the modern brokerage. kvCORE is built to power your entire business on one platform with next generation technology that agents will use and love.

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kvcore platform

The #1 Lead-Gen System Available

Agents & Teams LOVE our lead-gen tools! We’ve combined the power of our proven lead-generation tools together with even more features to pump-up and empower your online lead-gen, prospecting, Sphere of Influence (SOI) and even networking efforts. Now you can drive more business than ever before!

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kvcore platform

Drive High Business Impact Online

Your website is the face of your online presence and is vital to much of your success. Our customizable websites continually drive high quality leads into your pipeline. Make a bigger impact in your market with branded websites and IDX.

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kvcore platform

A Serious Follow-Up Machine

Your CRM should be SMART. It can be one of your highest value ’employees’. We have setup kvCORE’s Smart CRM to do all the things you would want your smartest employee to do—rating and scoring leads, categorizing your potentials for follow-up, and leveraging your Sphere of Influence. Now you can do all of this in one place with kvCORE.

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kvcore platform

Everything You Need to Manage & Promote Listings

Introducing the first completely scalable, all inclusive, real estate platform for the modern brokerage. kvCORE is built to power your entire business on one platform with next generation technology that agents will use and love.

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kvcore platform

Seamless Transaction Integrations & Automation

Bring together the best of your marketing, nurturing, and communication activity to the industry’s best Transaction Management solutions integrated seamlessly with kvCORE. Don’t only simplify your life, but empower your current operations with information and automation that drive healthy profit and growth to your business.

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kvcore platform

Driverless Functions & Intelligent Automation

At the heart of kvCORE is a serious automation machine. The kvCORE Marketing Autopilot features drive intelligent lead follow-up, getting up to 10X higher response from leads. It is similarly effective for automating follow-up with Sphere of Influence, Prospecting and Networking lists.

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kvcore platform

Maximize Growth & Minimize Mistakes

True business intelligence taken automatically from lead/agent activity, and transaction integrations that enlightens your business. Reports allow insight into traffic, marketing, lead-gen, behavior, agent accountability, profitability and more.

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kvcore platform

All the Add-Ons, All in One Place

Let Inside Real Estate vet, approve and hunt down the best partner-level pricing for you and your agents and enjoy seamless and deep integrations with the click of a button. Provide maximum brand value by having solutions provided to your team via your Company or Team dashboard.

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For Brokers

The Right Features for All Your Agents

You’re constantly faced with trade-offs—don’t make the success of your business and agents one of them. To grow and compete in your market today, you need to empower all of your agents with the best technology. The problem is, you have some that do lead-gen, some that work SOI, some that prospect. kvCORE is the only solution to provide industry-leading lead-gen, empowered SOI and high-powered prospecting and networking tools – all with the ability to automate your entire business.

Fast, Efficient Cross-Market Growth

Modern business models are allowing brokers and teams to see growth happen cross-market and cross-MLS more than ever before. This generates unique challenges that can drain profits. kvCORE gives you the ability to scale up teams; have cross-MLS websites, homesearch and IDX tools; and still provide top tools and solutions to all your team members. All at a cost that keeps you profitable.

Fully-Integrated Transaction Management

One of the biggest profit gaps in a real estate business is the one between lead-gen and closed deals. kvCORE bridges this gap with seamless transaction integrations with top providers like Dotloop, Skyslope, Brokermint, and more. Finally understand what lead source drives the most closed deals, and see powerful post-close automation in action.

Maximize Close Rates w/ Automation & Accountability

Did you know most teams and agents could 3X their closed deals if they followed all the best practices for lead follow-up? Finally empower your agents with kvCORE’s incredible Marketing Autopilot and behavioral automation features. You’ll be able to leverage our accountability features to automatically remove team members if they don’t make the calls and touches that are assigned. It’s simple, hands-off and actually works to drive more closed deals. You never have to worry about agents bottlenecking your closed deals again.

For Enterprise

Drive Adoption with the Best Real Estate Platform

Bad technology has been the #1 cause of high agent churn and low adoption in real estate companies. Now with kvCORE, you can get the coveted agent and team solutions in a complete Enterprise Platform. And you can finally provide the level of company value to agents that drives serious adoption. Oh, and did we mention you can afford it, too?

A Fully Integrated Enterprise

As companies grow, technology gaps widen and financial waste worsens. Get modernized with a fully-scalable cloud platform that integrates into your entire business. A single fully-integrated enterprise solution allows you to save money, save time, and focus on the factors that drive higher profitability and growth with end-to-end business analytics.

Attract & Empower High Producing Teams

Top-producing teams don’t settle for poor solutions. Recruiting top teams and agents becomes a breeze when you provide your brand, your support and the latest technology platforms. Driving leads and profit is what brings agents and what keeps them on board longer. Fully team-enabled, kvCORE has special team features that allow them to run their business within your structure. Step up your recruiting game and profitable growth with kvCORE.

Your Entire Business at a Glance

In a competitive market you make vitally strategic decisions daily. However, your decisions are only as good as the data you have at your fingertips. kvCORE delivers a Business Analytics dashboard that automatically analyzes your entire organization’s data in real-time showing precisely where your closed deals come from. Receive transaction aging reports, predictive lead behavior, agent and team performance on the fly.

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Jeff R.

Russell Realty

Our agents and teams use kvCORE Platform daily to drive more leads and deals. We love that it works for our lead-generation along with our agent’s Sphere of Influence Leads, Prospecting, Networking, etc. They love it! These guys have helped established us as the leaders in our market with their technology. They even release updates monthly, far outpacing the rate of progress this industry is used to seeing. We couldn’t be more happy and are in it with them for the long haul!

Ron S.


Inside Real Estate has allowed us to leverage a complete, all-in-one solution that supports all of our agents, together with our top-producing teams – which is no small feat. We needed something that is intelligent, automated and customizable to the team’s’ needs. Inside Real Estate has helped not only grow our teams with top-producing agents, but to retain them as well – the platform has scaled with my business no matter its size. One of the biggest game changers for me is the ability to see my entire business at a glance. I can which ads and lead sources are most successful, and I can drive accountability with my agents and teams. I’ve been partnered with Inside Real Estate for the over past three years because they truly understand how to automate my life and help me drive profitable growth in my business.