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Your IDX Real Estate Website – Do You Show up For Listings on Google?

 Do You know what one of the biggest sources of NEW, HOT REAL ESTATE LEADS is?  It is having your website optimized to show up for specific listing addresses when they are searched on Google?

Now, you may say to yourself: “Self, I only have [1,2,3…whatever] listings right now – not a lot of opportunity.”

What we are talking about, is REALLY showing up for A LOT of listings from your IDX feed on your website.  The trick is having a Real Estate IDX Website that is highly search engine optimized to target  those specific listings, and then having an overall presence that supports that.

Let me shamelessly share how the Inside Real Estate Solution takes your old, worn-out… or even new, non-productive online presence and helps it generate 2-5 new, warm leads per week.


Your website likely needs a total overhaul!  The truth is, taking your website from whichever prior vendor, and trying to “dress it up” and optimize it is a long-haul that doesn’t work very well.  The positive of this is that our system is built to pull in your pages, prior blog posts, and other content.

So, make sure you plan on starting with a new site and solution that is built correctly from the ground up.  This may sound daunting, but our team takes care fo the heavy lifting, and the whole process is usually done in 2 weeks.


 Your IDX Connection matters more than you think.  As you already know, there are all sorts of ways to setup an IDX connection.  That doesn’t mean they are all created equal.  In fact, most of them are doing more than 1 thing that will kill your potential for big SEO on listings.
As an example, I was speaking with one fo our new clients the other day who had been using a pretty cool looking new mapping IDX tool.  His current clients liked a couple of the new options.  The problem?  He wasn’t getting any new business!
The issue is, sometimes we fall for a cool set of features rather than a powerful set of results.  When IRE sets up your IDX connection and website, we focus on making sure that you are highly optimized for the exact results you need in the locations you want.


 Lastly, if you really want to get powerful results, you have to leverage content and online strength.  This is probably the most challenging, and the most often missed.
Our focus is to ensure that you know what you need to do in this process, and what you DON’T need to do.  Inside Real Estate leverages our extensive nationwide network together with valuable content, automation, and the right keys to draw more business.
To Learn More about Inside Real Estate Solutions, Check out our Packages or Contact Us Today!


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