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The Real Estate Lead Conversion Dilemma – PPC vs. Natural

I had a client present me with a dilemma this morning:

Client X is in a larger real estate market, and has been approached by Company Y that is promising results from PPC marketing, while they also try and do some SEO on the website.  This is going to result in “Guaranteed Leads” during a contract period.

The Dilemma:  Is this going to payoff, and how big.

The need for online marketing for real estate agents and brokerages is a given in today’s world.  We all recognize that we not only have to have a smart, professional and up-to-date web presence.  But, we also know that the only real places that matter online for visibility are Social Media, Blogs and the 1st page of search engine results (pages 2-Infinity don’t really count).

(If you DON’T agree with the above, please see our other posts first, then come back 🙂

For this particular post, I am going to focus on leads and visibility from Search Engines, and exclude Social Media for another day.  So, let’s look at what the PPC side of this normally looks like:

  • 91% of Real Estate Transactions start online these days
  • Everyone is Looking at Homes online, as well as looking for pertinent market information
  • 70%+ of “Forced Leads” are also Bad Leads

Now, let’s look at how some factors compare in PPC vs a More Natural Approach to Online Marketing:

Online Mktg Factor Comparison

PPC Approach Natural Approach
Click Through Rate 3% 97%
Lead Conversion 1%-10% 60% +
Marketing Equity None 100%
Run-Around Effect High Low
Cost High Low-Med
Lead Quality Low Extremely High
Speed to Result Fast Fast

As you can see above, there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in PPC leads for real estate and leads through Natural search results.  The reason for this is simply because PPC = Sell Me, where Natural means, I’m interested in value and information to make my decision.

Another thing to note, is that in our table above, the last line is where we differ from many other companies.  Many companies would tell you that the natural approach is a 6-8 month process, and you have to spend a fortune in the mean time.

This is where the big difference comes in Inside Real Estate’s proprietary tools and processes.  We focus on the Natural, more effective side of Online Marketing, while keeping costs low, and ensuring a high speed to result timeline (usually a couple of weeks).

So, what did our example client do?

Went with Inside Real Estate’s Premium solution with an add-on SEO Content Package that allows top guaranteed results while also tapping into Social Media power.

Call us Today – for more information about getting your presence visibile, and increasing the lead-flow!

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