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Drive High Business Impact Online

  • Company, Office, Team & Agent Websites

    Make every level of your business look legit with consistent branding for your online presence. Each of these unique pages help build your online presence on social media and on search engines to help drive leads into your system at any level.
  • Real-Time IDX Home Search

    Leverage the power of over 400+ MLS nationwide with real-time MLS updates. The kvCORE Platform leverages one of the most proven and stable IDX systems in the world to deliver fast, real-time property updates, along with stats, quick search links, map integrations, and more.   Get the highest engagement with your leads and clients with best IDX Home Search.
  • Flexible Custom Content Pages

    We have templated, customizable content pages that allow you to build a web page for any purpose. Build as many pages as you like with whatever content you like.
  • IDX-Integrated Lead Captures

    Effortlessly create a page with all the listings available in a specific area that customers can view at a glance to get an idea of the market.   You can also create pages within the same price range, layouts, etc.   Let your customers gain insight on the market from your website to build transparency and trust.
  • Personalized Mobile App

    Get a mobile app with your personalized branding for clients to search in big portals, like Zillow.


Jeff Russell

Russell Realty

Our agents and teams use kvCORE Platform daily to drive more leads and deals. We love that it works for our lead-generation along with our agent’s Sphere of Influence Leads, Prospecting, Networking, etc. They love it! These guys have helped established us as the leaders in our market with their technology. They even release updates monthly, far outpacing the rate of progress this industry is used to seeing. We couldn’t be more happy and are in it with them for the long haul!

Ron Snow


Inside Real Estate has allowed us to leverage a complete, all-in-one solution that supports all of our agents, together with our top-producing teams - which is no small feat. We needed something that is intelligent, automated and customizable to the team's’ needs. Inside Real Estate has helped not only grow our teams with top-producing agents, but to retain them as well - the platform has scaled with my business no matter its size. One of the biggest game changers for me is the ability to see my entire business at a glance. I can which ads and lead sources are most successful, and I can drive accountability with my agents and teams. I’ve been partnered with Inside Real Estate for the over past three years because they truly understand how to automate my life and help me drive profitable growth in my business.

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