kvCORE Platform

Your Entire Business - All in One Place

  • Modern, Cloud-Based Infrastructure

    With any technology platform, what's under the hood is just as important as what you can see. Does the solution scale, regularly improve, and integrate with other tech, are just a few of the big questions.   kvCORE gives you the best, most modern cloud architecture to ensure that whether you have 10 agents or 10,000 agents, it'll run tip-top shape. Your Platform will include: -  Amazon Cloud Infrastructure -  Modern API Layers -  Scalable Data Structure   Let kvCORE power your business into the future.
  • Multi-Team, Multi-Office

    Powering a business that has multiple teams and offices requires the ability to support various websites, MLS and rosters.   With kvCORE, not only do you get all of the infrastructure, features, and tools to help teams grow, but also the comfort and confidence required to bring your entire business onto our platform—things like private/personal contact lists and team lead-routing settings.   Turn your brokerage technology into something everyone can get behind with the kvCORE Platform.
  • Mobile+

    Because Real Estate is a mobile business, we have gone the extra mile to make sure the kvCORE is more than just mobile responsive platform.   kvCORE gives every agent a front-end consumer app, mobile alerts, a personal mobile app, and even a mobile dialer built right into the app giving them the ability to easily make calls on the go.   With kvCORE, this is called Mobile+. It means you can do business wherever you have cell service or wifi.
  • API Integration Layer

    No modern technology platform can really support your entire business without being able to integrate with 3rd party solutions that are crucial to your business.   The kvCORE Platform is built with a tight API Integration Layer allowing us to easily power things like our Marketplace, Transaction Integrations, Lead Source Integrations and much, much more.   Think of it as a shortcut to productivity, transparency, and simplicity for your business.


Jeff Russell

Russell Realty

Our agents and teams use kvCORE Platform daily to drive more leads and deals. We love that it works for our lead-generation along with our agent’s Sphere of Influence Leads, Prospecting, Networking, etc. They love it! These guys have helped established us as the leaders in our market with their technology. They even release updates monthly, far outpacing the rate of progress this industry is used to seeing. We couldn’t be more happy and are in it with them for the long haul!

Ron Snow


Inside Real Estate has allowed us to leverage a complete, all-in-one solution that supports all of our agents, together with our top-producing teams - which is no small feat. We needed something that is intelligent, automated and customizable to the team's’ needs. Inside Real Estate has helped not only grow our teams with top-producing agents, but to retain them as well - the platform has scaled with my business no matter its size. One of the biggest game changers for me is the ability to see my entire business at a glance. I can which ads and lead sources are most successful, and I can drive accountability with my agents and teams. I’ve been partnered with Inside Real Estate for the over past three years because they truly understand how to automate my life and help me drive profitable growth in my business.

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