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The 50/50 Social Media Strategy for Agents & Brokers

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What’s the secret to stellar real estate social media?

There are plenty of ways for real estate agents and brokers to automate their posts. But there is an important balance between automation and personalization.

Simply posting your listings is not enough. Having a “robot-like” social presence is not effective in building client relationships. That’s why a 50/50 strategy between personalization and automation is so important for today’s agents and brokers. It solves the need for automation for the ever-busy agent, while also putting some of the focus on personalization. A reliable social media tool for real estate agents should take this into consideration.

A solid social media automation tool — like  PIXsocial from Circlepix  bridges the automation-personalization gap. It empowers agents and brokers to select the articles they want to share, schedule them with personalized comments, and more. And it only take a few minutes a week.

Not all social media scheduling platforms are built the same, however.

“Set-it-and-forget-it” Doesn’t Work

There are no set-it-and-forget-it tools that are completely successful in creating a personal brand on social media. But the 50/50 strategy can help you maintain the personable aspects of social media, making it easy to stay consistent with posting so you don’t fall off the radar when you get busy.

It used to be enough for agents and brokers just to be on social media. But now, you have to fight to be seen. You have to fight through the clutter. You have to provide useful information. You have to reply to inquiries quickly. To stand out in the crowd, you have to be doing something the others aren’t.  

How Automation Can Miss  the Mark

If you solely rely on automation, you’re missing the point of even having it. Interaction is a huge part of successful social media. If you let automation do all the work for you, you’ll miss out on engagement with your prospects.

Wondering what kind of content you might want to include? Think local-level market reports, announcements of new store or restaurant openings, pictures from the local dog park. Or maybe a video interview with a local school principal, or a photo or video congratulating a recent client’s new home purchase. This type of content, coupled with automation, can help you grow your online presence.

Making 50/50 Work for You

Automation doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, Circlepix’s PIXsocial feature makes scheduling your content foolproof. PIXsocial allows you to automate relevant content and fresh listings to all of your social media profiles, but also lets you review the content before it posts.

By having a steady stream of informative content on your social media, you can become a thought leader. You build rapport with clients and stay relevant. And the best part of automation? You save valuable time.  Automation tools like PIXsocial take the time-consuming task of social media off your plate, giving you plenty of time to focus on the important personal touch in your social media strategy.  

Automation tools can give you the steady flow of social media content you need to stay relevant on social media. The right automation tools can also help you keep social media personal. It can help you foster relationships, be a trusted thought-leader, and drive more leads. The 50/50 strategy is used by most top producing real estate agents, and is truly the lucky ticket if you want to be a social media rockstar.

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