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5 Key Features Needed for Agent Adoption


Most solutions available to real estate agents today promise to be the Best , Top-Converting , or have the Highest Engagement Rate, etc—I’m sure you’ve seen them all. But when it comes to getting your agents to use the CRM and truly getting your money’s worth out it, what really matters? Agent Adoption.

If your agents aren’t using the solution you provided for them, then all those claims to be The Best are in vain. Your agents need to know how to actually use the tools  you’ve given them.

We’ve narrowed the list down to the top 5 value propositions needed within a CRM platform to have the highest success of Agent Adoption.

1. Easy to Use

When a platform has a simple design and is easy to use, it helps inspire confidence in the agent so they are more likely to use it regularly. A smart solution should have default campaigns and settings so there is no major setup required—agents can get right down to their real estate work, instead of having to endure a steep learning curve.

2. On-the-go

Everyone is busy, and no agent sits tethered to their computer all day. It’s vital for agent adoption that your brokerage’s solution allows agents to run their business on-the-go via their mobile device. Having a companion app, in addition to a desktop platform, will only increase the use of the CRM because of its accessibility.

3. Customizable Marketing

Most people first look at properties online because it allows them to do their research before the buying process even begins. A strong internet presence is crucial for every agent and your brand. But because it is so crucial for every single agent to have a strong internet presence, it can be tough to make marketing efforts or websites have consistent branding and effectiveness. With customizable websites and drip campaigns, landing page and squeeze page builders, even ways to post to different social media sites, agents can use the tools provide in the solution(s) in different ways each day to stay relevant in the market.

4. Managing and Converting Leads

Keeping on top of the tiny details like birthdays, closing dates, or even a client’s spouse’s name can be extremely difficult when you’re juggling hundreds (or potentially thousands) of leads within your database. Your software should be able to keep track of these details for your agents and recognize closing dates or birthdays. This attention to  detail can go a long way with your leads and could be just the ticket to convert your them into clients.

5. All-in-1 Platform (with Integrations)

Potential clients are searching all over the internet for homes; it’s naive to think that they’re always going to go directly to an agent’s website and immediately sign up for more information. Your agents’ solution(s) needs to be all-encompassing with lead management, lead generation, multiple marketing avenues, and a website. Additionally, to have integrations with other systems (like Zillow, Realtor.com, Dotloop, Skyslope, Testimonial Tree and more) would solidify the importance and convenience of using the solution(s) regularly.

There are countless numbers of CRM platforms that can do some–or all–of these five Keys for Agent Adoption. But kvCORE Platform incorporates all these attributes. And at the end of the day, agent adoption is what elevates brokerages to higher levels of transactions.

Check out kvCORE Platform for yourself. Request a demo today.

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