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3 Ways AI Can Help You Close a Deal

Artificial Intelligence Real Estate

AI is changing the way RE professionals do business.

There’s a big misconception around what artificial intelligence (AI) really is and how it can impact your real estate business. To make matters more confusing, many of today’s real estate software platforms have latched onto the term but fail to explain what’s really behind the curtain.

So what is AI, exactly?  Simply put, AI automatically gathers information and behavioral patterns to generate meaningful data that you couldn’t process on your own. It offers insights that can be used to generate a more personal and timely response to leads. It can improve the way you manage your business, priorities, and day-to-day interactions. It’s designed to work behind the scenes. It’s not something you need to learn or take hours to implement.  

So how can AI truly impact your bottom line? We’ve seen three practical ways that AI gives agents an advantage.   


Faster Responses to Top Leads

In today’s market, getting leads isn’t the problem; it’s finding an efficient and effective way to nurture and transform those leads into closings. Real estate platforms that incorporate AI should be able to verify, rate and prioritize your leads for you, giving you the opportunity to work with a higher quality of leads much sooner.

For example, AI can do a lot of research on your behalf – search social media platforms, scour public records – to find additional information about your leads, such as occupation, property valuation, whether they’re ready to buy or sell, etc. By sifting out the weaker leads, AI gives you a solid contact list of pre-qualified leads. Because you didn’t have to spend hours qualifying these leads from scratch, you can jump to the front of the line and make sure you are the first agent they talk to.


Day-to-Day Prioritization

Top producing agents are experts at managing their day.  There is no way you can have multiple transactions going at the same time, as well as actively following up with new leads, without the help of technology handling some of those tasks.  There are “smart” systems out there like kvCORE that are built to help you maximize each day so you can grow your production volume without working 20 hour days. Systems like this manage and prioritize your tasks each day, so you aren’t wasting valuable time on things that won’t reward you in the end.   

Each morning you’ll wake up to a list of to-do’s in priority order, making sure active leads aren’t going unnoticed. An auto-dialer feature actually pulls up the call you need to make, the reason why, and calls that number for you so you don’t have to dig up all of that information on your own. That feature alone can save you hours each day.


Intelligent Lead Nurturing

AI helps personalize the customer experience for each of your leads by learning from their search habits. For example, when a lead looks at several houses online, artificial intelligence can not only find similar homes based on data point characteristics, but some platforms like kvCORE go a step further and find other homes that LOOK like those homes. It’s like you seeing what type of home your clients like visually, and showing them others just like that.  

But you have your handy AI assistant to do all of that work for you, and sent out those extremely custom messages and recommendations automatically without you lifting a finger. What’s more, if a lead looks at the photos a certain number of times, a text message can be automatically sent with a message to schedule a viewing.


Getting to the Closing

We all know that today’s consumers are accustomed to instant access to information. Without AI to help you behind the scenes, keeping up with the speed of the market can be extremely difficult, particularly as lead volume increases. By utilizing AI, you not only receive information faster, but the info you do receive is better, with the AI having prioritized the strongest leads for you. The combination of prioritizing leads, prioritizing your day, and having intelligent responses to your leads all happening behind the scenes makes you a better agent.

To learn more about AI and see it in action within kvCORE Platform, take a look at our recent webinar titled RETechnology.com: Out Closing the Competition with Artificial Intelligence

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