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3 Essential Tools That Will 10X Your Real Estate Marketing

This article was originally posted on inman.com

Spraying your message high and wide does not breed online marketing success; rather, standout results emerge when you pair smart, strategic decisions with the right tools.

An integrated marketing strategy ensures your message reaches the right audience at the right moment—the marketing holy grail. It also multiplies your results.

With your systems and tools aligned, your marketing will experience a double multiplier effect. For example, if 2 x 2 = 4 represents a single multiplier, 2 x 2 x 3 = 12 represents a double multiplier. Each multiplication event may be small, but, when taken together, they produce massive results.

The trick to enjoying a double multiplier effect with your marketing is to uncover the simple changes to your system that, when applied in concert, greatly improve your end results.

Any smart marketing strategy will focus on driving more visitors to your website, capturing them in smarter and more efficient ways and following up with them in automated ways.

Tying these tactics together in one system will have a double multiplier effect on your conversion rates. You’ll pull in more clients without upping your marketing budget by a cent. The software you use to help you do this is critical.

Below are the three essential components your software platform must have to drive more leads, dramatically increase your conversion rates and accelerate your marketing success.

Smart lead gen tools
The industry has smart tools and, unfortunately, dumb ones. Dumb tools eat up time and make you sweat each of your marketing steps.

On the other hand, innovative lead generation tools maximize your time and energy, deliver results, and have best practices and automation baked into their DNA.

For example, a tool that allows you to quickly build IDX squeeze pages do all of the above. With this technology, you can create ad-specific landing pages for each campaign. This allows you to align your landing pages with the message of each ad, whether it be geared toward a single-property page, a search results page, home value page or another page. Most importantly, it allows you to capture leads with just one click.

In as little as 30 seconds, an IDX-landing-page-builder tool allows you to create a simple landing page for your Facebook ads that captures traffic at rates three to four times higher than other landing pages.

Intelligent lead sync
Real estate leads, of course, come from a variety of sources. In fact, the same lead will often come to you from multiple locations.

For a lead you’ve already contacted, there’s nothing worse than an automated messaging sequence clicking on and starting them at the beginning when they enter your database a subsequent time. The thought, “Geez, get me off your list!” may be just as immediate as the automation.

With tools such as Intelligent Lead Sync, all your leads and contacts sync in a single system where initial automation events fire only once for each contact, regardless of how many times they became a “new” lead.

You need to be certain your system logs new notes and tracks activity but does not trigger repetitive or generic automated follow-up messages when a lead you already have enters your database again from another source.

Serious behavioral automation
The real secret to supercharging your marketing efforts is automation. An automated workflow provides consistent bottom-line results without draining your time or energy.

Behavioral automation gives you the ability to send emails, set tasks, initiate phone calls or take other actions in response to a lead’s behavior. This contrasts with the standard “drip” automation messaging most systems employ. “Drips” are usually generic and, by themselves, fail to engage leads or facilitate responses at a high rate.

Many tools offer some of these services for your business, but only a few combine them into one platform that helps you to effortlessly elevate your business and your results.

Interested in learning more about a system that combines these three components into one platform that will 10X your marketing results? Click here!

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