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Quick and Painless Lead Nurturing Using the kvCORE Open House App

Open houses have long been a staple of our industry and are a great way to collect new leads, but the work required to capture those leads and upload them to your CRM and lead nurturing efforts is often cumbersome.

Enter the kvCORE Open House app, specifically designed to automate that entire process for you. The days of using a third party app or actual paper to collect leads are no more. Gone are the hours spent uploading those leads and organizing them into your nurturing campaigns. The free Open House app can do it all for you.

So how does it work exactly? At a basic level, your open house guests simply sign in on your tablet or smartphone using the Open House app, which automatically adds them to your kvCORE account in real time.

And if you don’t have an Internet connection, no problem. The app stores your information until you’re back in an area with a connection.

But the real beauty lies in the campaign automation available in the app. Each open house you create within the app is automatically assigned its own hashtag, and you can assign additional hashtags to those leads as well.

This means you can create custom Smart Campaigns tailored specifically for your open house attendees, and as soon as your leads sign in via the app, they will be automatically added to those campaigns. Everything happens seamlessly for you.

The Open House app also allows you to get to know your prospective clients while it captures all of their information for you. You can find out whether they are working with an agent already, where they found out about the open house, and whether they are interested in similar properties.

The Open House app is a great way to simplify your lead nurturing efforts and save you valuable time. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. Download it today and take your lead nurturing efforts to the next level!  

<Link to iOS> <Link to Android>

Learn More: Open Houses with kvCORE


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