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To Adopt or Not To Adopt

3 Reasons Agents Use or Don’t Use Technology

Agent adoption has always been a hot topic. As long as new technologies develop and emerge in the real estate space there will always be an on-going conversation on adoption. Typically we hear a lot from the quantitative side of adoption. The statistical data highlighting agent adoption numbers related to specific technology solutions and platforms, however, rarely do we hear about the qualitative data, or the “why,” pertaining to agent adoption.

Technology solutions offered at a brokerage level to agents are intended to make agents more productive and make their life easier at the same time. So why is there often so much hesitation and resistance to embrace these solutions that have nothing but good intentions towards the agent and their business?

Here are three primary reasons/barriers why agents don’t adopt technology:

1. “If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it”

Generally speaking, real estate agents are creatures of habit. They have a routine of when they prospect, when they show homes, and when they host open houses. All with their corresponding methods of promotion and communication. Many agents have gotten into a rhythm or a system that has produced proven results for them. These systems provide reassurance that what they are doing works and does not need to be approved upon.

2. Intimidation

The thought of trusting one’s livelihood to a system that they don’t even understand yet can be very intimidating and a very valid reason to resist fully embracing a new technology solution. Many agents are also off-put by the thought of the necessary time that would need to be invested to fully understand and transfer over their sphere of influence into a new (and unproven to them) platform.

3. Here We Go Again

Finally, there is the feeling of being bounced back and forth like a tennis ball between an endless run of new technology platforms. Incentivizing agents to switch from one platform solution to another, promising that this one really will work in their best interest, can be very difficult. This can be especially true if the promise of the new platform is identical to what they have heard in the past.

How to break past these barriers

Just because rolling out a new piece of technology can be met with some resistance does not mean that it is not worth it. Some key strategies to ensure a successful rollout and a high adoption include:

Finding the Right Partner

To ensure technology will be used and adopted by agents it is important to find the right technology partner that truly delivers on being able to improve your brokerage/team/agent production by implementing their platform. A brokerage-level technology platform should have:

1. Great websites at all levels that can provide relevant information, a great search experience and have lead capture and routing capabilities.  

2. The tech platform should have a strong backend system that can nurture leads via automated communication and marketing as well as have the ability to natively integrate with other best of breed solutions.

3. Superb customer support structure. The technology platform you choose to deploy should have enough support and structure to handle immediate support at the technical and usability level.

4. The tech platform that is deployed across your brokerage should be considered a “living” piece of technology. Translation: there will be continued development of the platform to maintain relevance in a very aggressively changing tech landscape. There is a comfort knowing that your technology partner will change and adapt to the latest technology trends which should eliminate the need to seek out another platform in a couple of years.

Consult your Brokerage Peers

Gaining the insight from similar-sized brokerages who have deployed the same technology platform for a minimum of six months can be an extremely valuable resource in gaining insight into how agents have adopted the platform and how well it performs.

Engage Technology Partner to Assist in Agent Excitement

When implementing a new technology platform a brokerage should not have to be faced with this task alone. A quality technology partner should willingly offer to assist in explaining the platform to agents as well as actively participating in the rollout. This participation should include agent excitement events and real-world use cases on how the platform has benefited agents and will benefit you agents if it is used.

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