• 1. Landing Pages That Convert Visitors Into Leads

    Your first step in scaling your business bigger is making sure that when people visit your website and other landing pages, there’s a good chance they’ll turn into leads. Inside Real Estate gives you a powerful, mobile-optimized Property Search portal that gets a high percentage of visitors to register and engage.


    Every agent on your team gets their own site, complete with tools like our “Landing Page” builder which lets them make “niche focused” offers and tailor their lead generation to their specific needs.


    We needed multiple MLS feeds, different office sites, agent sites and more. We have 1 system to run it all!


    My website has all of the top tools from around the web. What's more, it is branded with my own domain, design and target segment. Glad my company knows what to look for!

  • 2. Generate Quality, Consistent Leads

    Generate top-quality leads from your branding and online presence, SEO Placement, PPC or any lead source out in the market. Your marketing presence and your lead handling don’t need to be held hostage to your lead-generation efforts.


    Ensure that certain sources get the exact type of communication that they should, with source-specific automation plans and personalized email templates. Leverage fully-integrated reporting to understand which sources are performing best.


    Our lead-generation efforts have become more targeted as we understand how our leads are reaching us better, and we can feel confident in our lead follow-up programs.


    My own leads come directly to me through my site, and their seem to be more leads at a better average quality. At any rate, I feel like I can focus my lead efforts better and am closing more deals.

  • 3. Intelligently Route & Distribute Leads

    Effective lead generation can generate a big ROI – especially, when you are able to embrace the right kind of follow-up.

    •  Location-Based Lead Distribution Rules
    •  Immediate Text-Message Notifications
    •  Top-Down Reporting That Lets You Peer In On Your Team and See Who Needs Help in an Instant.


    Not only can you deliver more high quality leads to your entire team with the push of a button, you’ll always know whether your money is being well spent, and which sources and agents are converting best.


    I want to get leads to the RIGHT agents immediately, let the system notify and update them, and then be able to easily run reports... Love location-based distribution rules!


    It is great only getting leads that are in areas I work and having the ease of Click-toCall and Click-to-Text. I can really put by best effort toward working the leads I receive!

  • 4. Setup A Serious Follow-Up Machine

    When working leads, especially online leads, you win on the margins – that means that you have to have a solid and automated system to run email campaigns, text-messaging, Lead notifications, Activity alerts, etc.


    We get you and agents focusing on the right activities and let your automation take care of the rest. Our Account Managers even help you tailor the automated Action Plans to your lead sources and lead types.


    Our team has been able to respond in under 5 minutes, and increase our Contact Rate on leads by 5X - Wow!


    I am not the world's best with technology, so I love that the system helps me follow up with my leads, and can even send text-messages for me. I am seeing a lot more leads engage, and get active.

  • 5. Drive Smart, Integrated Reporting

    With a strong online presence, lots of leads, and productive agents, you need a system that can match with reporting.

    You want to see end-to-end, what is working on marketing, where best practices are happening, and what can improve. You want accountability that is only a click away and integrated with your lead-generation, follow-up tasks, and even text-messages and phone calls.


    I can immediately see lead source, along with agent-to-agent head on, performance. I like having the ability to filter down to just my top 20% of the team to help drive big decisions.


    I have to admit, that my broker has really started focusing on specific activities that I wasn't that great at. On the positive side, I am getting more closes out of my leads, so yeah, I'm happy!

“The Inside Real Estate Platform and Marketing Team has helped us grow our brokerage by 50%. At the same time we were able to double our lead conversion rates. We were able to bring a number of solutions together into a customized, branded solution. Just awesome!"

Lauren J - Managing Broker

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