• Facebook Leads and Real Estate Marketing: A Match for Success!

    By Ian facebook-icon2

    Who would have expected that Facebook can be one of the most effective tools for marketing real estate listings? Some Realtors still don’t believe that the world’s most famous social media platform is worth their time, with as much as 30% of real estate agents not participating on the site. Data shows us that 74% […]

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  • Your Brokerage Website – Your Best Employee & Top Lead-Gen Source

    By Inside Real Estate FeatureLeads_Main

    Your Real Estate Broker Website Can Be Your Best Employee As a manager, what would you give for the ideal employee? You know—someone who works hard for your brokerage every day, doesn’t complain, exceeds expectations daily, positively boosts the company’s image and actually gets results in the form of leads? What if this employee also […]

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  • The ‘Exclusive’ Real Estate Agent: Local Search Marketing Best Practices

    By iremarketing

    Local, local, local. You know how important local search marketing is for your real estate agents. You’ve probably heard the advice a million times: pick a niche, specialize in it, and make it the central point in all of your online marketing efforts. But in over-saturated markets where the competition is fierce, it’s easy to […]

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  • Mix It Up: Why Smart Brokers Diversify Their Real Estate Lead Sources

    By iremarketing

    As real estate professionals, we talk a lot about finding the fastest (and least labor-intensive) path to generate real estate leads. And when a certain lead gen strategy has been producing consistent results for your team, it’s hard to think that there’s any reason to diversify. But if you are siloing your efforts to only […]

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  • Drip Marketing 101: Put Your Real Estate CRM to Work

    By iremarketing real estate crm

    Without a real estate CRM, the process of tracking and segmenting communication with various leads manually can be painstaking. Because successful agents know that they need to stay productive in order to be profitable, the task of sending a series of emails often gets pushed to the back burner. And drip email marketing for busy […]

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  • Real Estate SEO and Marketing Impacts from Google’s Incessant Changes

    By Inside Real Estate real-estate-seo-nerd

    It is likely no secret to any real estate seo’s, marketers or professionals in the space that ‘are just geeky enough to get into trouble’ – Google has been updating its algorithm like the mad, mad machine that it is. It is always up for debate whether their mantra of ‘Do no evil’ is in […]

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  • Real Estate Lead Generation Tips: The First House Isn’t the Last House

    By Joe Skousen real-estate-lead-generation-repeat-process

    When working with your real estate lead generation, it is tempting to think that as soon as the lead comes in, you’ve got it in the bag.  There is the whole “Excitement Factor” of getting a lead, seeing what the price range is, and then giving them a quick (overly excited) call. There are a […]

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  • Team-Broker Real Estate Marketing & Lead Strategy

    By Joe Skousen promotion-image-1

    When growing team, production or just productivity, the first thing you want to get dialed is the marketing part of your strategy. You want to not only have the strategy thought through, but started and running BEFORE you go and grow the size of the team or commit too many resources.

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  • 20% Lead Closure: Part Real Estate Lead Generation, Part Lead Management System

    By Joe Skousen real-estate-lead-conversion-magic

    The key to the right kind of lead-generation is really in the how. It is the “how” in the process of the lead finding you and the “how” in the process of you following up with the lead.

    If you are looking for good quality leads to build your own business or your team’s business, here are the major things to keep in mind:

    1. Make sure your

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  • 3 Real Estate Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies to Win

    By Joe Skousen

    Data for March Existing and Pending Home Sales is out, and whether you know it or not – it greatly impacts your marketing efforts and effectiveness.

    As an agent or broker witnessing these things in the market – you have known for months now that gaining listings is virtually a guaranteed payday, and that you already might have a number of potential buyers hanging around waiting or searching for the right property. What you may not know is just exactly what you can do about it that will have a significant impact on the short run to get you more paydays.

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