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  • Leads are Easy, Converting Them is the Challenge (And 5 Ways to Fix That)

    By Inside Real Estate

    In today’s real estate market, finding leads really isn’t the problem, it’s converting them.There are multiple ways  to help you cultivate your list. But it’s what you do with those leads that really matters. Even in hot real estate markets you’ll find plenty of potential clients who need nurturing. How are you going to nurture […]

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  • What’s the Score? 4 Ways to Track Real Estate Lead Generation Activities

    By iremarketing

    To succeed and grow your brokerage, you need to do several things at the same time: generate leads, recruit and train effective agents and track agent activity with full accountability, all while utilizing the right tools to convert leads into sales. Lead generation activities like prospecting can often mean day after day of rejection and […]

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  • Who’s Your Source? High Profit Marketing for Real Estate Lead Generation

    By iremarketing real estate lead generation

    When it comes to real estate lead generation, nearly every agent is looking for an answer to the same question: What’s the best lead source? In order to thrive in the real estate industry today, you need something that everyone, to some degree, is lacking: knowledge of lead source ROI. Do you know exactly how […]

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  • Is Your Brokerage Wasting Your Real Estate Leads & Face Time?

    By Joe Skousen missing-real-estate-leads

    We talk a lot about how to drive more real estate leads and more visibility. One question you might be facing right now, is whether you really are taking advantage of the leads and visibility that you currently have.

    Let’s say you are currently getting leads from Trulia, Zillow, or another real estate portal or network. You also get leads from your Sphere of Influence or Referral Base. You may even do some Pay per click or have some naturally-generated leads on your website. The question is, what real conversion rate are you seeing right now…

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