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  • 5 Agent Best Practices to Dust Off Your Sphere This Spring

    By Inside Real Estate

    Spring’s here – dust off your sphere! Your sphere of influence (SOI) is more than just a catalog of people you’ve met. It’s the lifeblood of your business —where everything from referrals to listing opportunities and buyer leads can come from. You need to keep your sphere engaged in order to realize its true benefits. […]

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  • Real Estate SEO & Leads by Submitting Your Real Estate Website to Social Media or Blog Indexes

    By Joe Skousen

    This quick post is really intended to show you a few things about how setting up your site to leverage Social Media, Social Bookmarking or Blog Indexing sites can help.

    At Inside Real Estate, this process is taken care fo for you, because otherwise, how would you keep track of which sites are good, which sites are bad, and what you should spend time tracking down (not to mention finding the time to do whatever you determine is good).

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