• Your Brokerage Website – Your Best Employee & Top Lead-Gen Source

    By Inside Real Estate FeatureLeads_Main

    Your Real Estate Broker Website Can Be Your Best Employee As a manager, what would you give for the ideal employee? You know—someone who works hard for your brokerage every day, doesn’t complain, exceeds expectations daily, positively boosts the company’s image and actually gets results in the form of leads? What if this employee also […]

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  • Is Your Brokerage Wasting Your Real Estate Leads & Face Time?

    By Joe Skousen missing-real-estate-leads

    We talk a lot about how to drive more real estate leads and more visibility. One question you might be facing right now, is whether you really are taking advantage of the leads and visibility that you currently have.

    Let’s say you are currently getting leads from Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com or another real estate portal or network. You also get leads from your Sphere of Influence or Referral Base. You may even do some Pay per click or have some naturally-generated leads on your website. The question is, what real conversion rate are you seeing right now…

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