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  • Leads are Easy, Converting Them is the Challenge (And 5 Ways to Fix That)

    By Inside Real Estate

    In today’s real estate market, finding leads really isn’t the problem, it’s converting them.There are multiple ways  to help you cultivate your list. But it’s what you do with those leads that really matters. Even in hot real estate markets you’ll find plenty of potential clients who need nurturing. How are you going to nurture […]

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  • Beat the Crowd: 6 Must-Have Features of a Winning Real Estate Website

    By iremarketing

    Most agents have a real estate website, however many are little more than a static page that is buried under the millions of of other agent sites out there. It sits there online, no one sees it, and the result is little or no leads. It is easier than ever for homebuyers to find the […]

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  • Who’s Your Source? High Profit Marketing for Real Estate Lead Generation

    By iremarketing real estate lead generation

    When it comes to real estate lead generation, nearly every agent is looking for an answer to the same question: What’s the best lead source? In order to thrive in the real estate industry today, you need something that everyone, to some degree, is lacking: knowledge of lead source ROI. Do you know exactly how […]

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  • 20% Lead Closure: Part Real Estate Lead Generation, Part Lead Management System

    By Joe Skousen

    The key to the right kind of lead-generation is really in the how. It is the “how” in the process of the lead finding you and the “how” in the process of you following up with the lead.

    If you are looking for good quality leads to build your own business or your team’s business, here are the major things to keep in mind:

    1. Make sure your

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