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  • 5 Agent Best Practices to Dust Off Your Sphere This Spring

    By Inside Real Estate

    Spring’s here – dust off your sphere! Your sphere of influence (SOI) is more than just a catalog of people you’ve met. It’s the lifeblood of your business —where everything from referrals to listing opportunities and buyer leads can come from. You need to keep your sphere engaged in order to realize its true benefits. […]

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  • What REO Did to Your Real Estate Online Marketing Ability

    By Joe Skousen Change Your Online Real Estate Marketing Strategy

    o, you did some (or lots) of REO, Foreclosures and Short Sales – or maybe now you are moving quickly into the Short Sale scene. Well, first off, good for you – you know how to watch the trends. Secondly, your online marketing probably stinks.

    We’re not trying to pick a fight, we are just going off what we have seen from about 85% of the brokers that come to Inside Real Estate. The truth is, REO came at a much-needed time, and there are still a good number of brokers doing well with it. Hopefully you have also seen that it can really murder your marketing presence and your marketing equity. Let me give you 3 reasons why this ought to scare you a bit, and why you ought to change that.

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  • The Currency of Online Marketing in Real Estate – Likes, Shares and Social

    By Joe Skousen

    There is a growing pool of agents and real estate professionals out there who understand that online is the place to be, but aren’t sure how to tap into this huge pool. Like many of us are now realizing, even the online world has been evolving at a rapid pace – which means that success […]

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