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Your Real Estate Blog is the New Drip Email

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You ought to be familiar with Drip Email systems – the idea that you can have a lead or client that is in your pool of people to work with, but you might not be actively working on a transaction with them right this second – so they start receiving automated emails fairly regularly from you.  The idea is that you’ll keep them warm, and when they are ready – they talk to you.

Next point.  How long would you sit and chat with a Robot at a coffee shop?  Seriously, if it was one of those new automated attendants at the airport, I could see myself being interested for 2 minutes – but no more than that.

What in the world makes us think that our past clients (source of new referrals) and our leads (source of our new business), really want to sit on the other end of automated messages for months on end, then call us: “Hey John, thanks for keeping me on your automated list and not thinking about me… how about a real estate deal?”

Sensing the sarcasm? 🙂  OK, so some drip campaigns can work a little more effectively.  The truth is, though, that your automated campaign is more about the automation of keeping touch with lots of people with little work – the point isn’t the crappy, stale content that you may have been sending them.

Here is what successful agents are doing right now:

  1. Ensure your blog, website, CRM or contact list, and lead manager are all fully integrated.
  2. Come up with a 4 week blog plan (blogs can be written in about 15-20 minutes per week, and try doing 1/wk to start)
  3. Your system will send your blog post messaging out to everyone in your list – automatically (as long as you are using the right solution in Step 1).

Does that look easy?  Yes!

Is it really that easy?  Yes!

What results should you expect?  Up to 3x the Business!

What else do you need to do?  You really need to make sure you are using the right solutions, then you have to know how to leverage your blog in a short amount of time.  It actually turns out that the individuals that are getting the best results do not spend hours and hours writing a single blog post – they learn from us what constitutes a quality post, and they focus on frequent, brief, high-quality posts.

Give us a call, and we can get you started today on setting up the right tools as well as training on how to be successful with those tools.

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