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Who owns your data?

By Inside Real Estate Filed in: Real Estate CRM
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The real estate industry now runs on data. And it takes sophisticated tools to mine and analyze that data so that you can make better informed business decisions.

With this new data-driven reality, everyone from your vendors to even some of the largest brokers in the space are now starting to try to stake claim to that data. Some brokers have even recently gone so far as declare they are brokerages no more, but data companies who want to own your data.

But who really should own your data? You, or the organization who takes your information and aggregates it for you?

Increasingly, entities within the real estate industry can take information you submit on their platforms and sell it to your competition. Why support real estate management solutions that ultimately work against you?

At Inside Real Estate, we believe that your leads, contacts, lists and data belong to YOU. Our software and technology solutions (kunversion, kvCORE, Circlepix and BrokerSumo) help you track, manage, enrich and automate your data to drive YOUR real estate business and results. If we ever part ways, you can be assured that your data will remain yours, and that we will not have shared, sold or marketed that data anywhere else.

Your data ownership should never be in question. It’s your information, period. And we at Inside Real Estate will do everything we can to keep it that way.


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