Seamless Transaction Integrations & Automation

Bring together the best of your marketing, nurturing, and communication activity to the industry's best Transaction Management solutions integrated seamlessly with kvCORE. Don't only simplify your life, but empower your current operations with information and automation that drive healthy profit and growth to your business.

  • Go Seamless with the Industry's Best

    kvCORE integrates seamlessly with Dotloop, Brokermint, Skyslope and more.


    This not only makes it easier to understand every aspect of your business, but you can stay in a single dashboard to get all your insights

  • Simplify Your Life with Transaction Workflows

    Having your transaction workflows inegrated directly into kvCORE simplies your life in so many ways.


    First you don't have to login to multiple tools, second you gain the power of Marketing Autopilot, and lastly you get the insights of Business Analytics.


    All effortlessly done via kvCORE.

  • Drive Referrals with Post-Close Automation

    Nothing is better than when someone asks for your business because of a referral of a previous customer.


    It not only lets you know your customers think you're doing a good job, but it's essentially a free lead that has a much higher probability of closing.

  • Tight Business Analytics Integration

    Seamlessly integrate your transaction tool into kvCORE to gain further insight into growth and overall profitability.


    kvCORE's business analytics tool truly looks at each aspect of your business from end-to-end, even if it's a 3rd party tool that you've integrated.

We used to run a completey separate call-tracking system that was not integrated into our reporting, then route the calls and leads to an agent who, half the time, wouldn't receive the call. Now, we have trackable numbers for every lead source, the leads are tagged coming in the door and automatically routed to the available agents. We are saving money and, more importantly, closing more leads.


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