Everything You Need to Manage & Promote Listings

Introducing the first completely scalable, all inclusive, real estate platform for the modern brokerage. kvCORE is built to power your entire business on one platform with next generation technology that agents will use and love.

  • Powerful 'Listing CRM'

    Listings have generally been viewed as a front-facing customer feature for platforms. We've taken it a step further and thrown it on the dashboard to allow the listings to take full advantage of our Smart CRM as well.


    Now you can work listings, not just contacts/leads, directly in the CRM.

  • Drive Listing Exposure with Listing Share

    Share your listings to multiple channels with the push of a single button. Select the listing(s) you want to share and where then kvCORE turns the listing into a shareable post specifically tailored to the channels you selected. No more having to individually upload your listings one-by-one on each channel of your desire.


    No more having to individually upload your listings one-by-one on each channel of your desire.

  • Reverse Prospecting Made Simple

    The best way to build a relationship with a client is by truly understanding what they are looking for.


    kvCORE allows you to look up all the listings that fit those parameters and allows you to send them out to your client at the push of a button.


    Anytime a new listing comes in that fits the parameters of what your client wants, the platform lets you know and asks you if you want to send it over.

  • Off-Market & Coming Soon Listings

    Have an off-market listing or ia listing that will be listed soon? Manually add them into the system and leverage all the same features of a regular listing.

We have loved that what used to be one of the weakest parts of our business (our online presence and branding) is now one of our strongest. We continue to move past competitors in the market and are able to recruit top team members.


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