Business Analytics

Maximize Growth & Minimize Mistakes

True business intelligence taken automatically from lead/agent activity, and transaction integrations that enlightens your business. Reports allow insight into traffic, marketing, lead-gen, behavior, agent accountability, profitability and more.

  • Full Lead Lifecycle Reporting

    Understand how your business is doing at every point of your sales pipeline.


    No more having to guess which areas positively or negatively impact your bottomline.

  • Drive Profit with CORE Insights

    To really drive profit for your business you not only need to have data to help you understand your business completely, but you need crystal clear action items that promote growth.


    Get daily recommendations from kvCORE on how to make a positive impact on your pipeline.

  • Multi-Team, Multi-Office Support

    Analytics works both on an agent level and also on the team and office levels.


    You can compare agents-to-agents, teams-to-teams, and offices-to-offices to see exactly what is going on.


    This deepens insights and enables growth at any business level.

Deep Drill-Down Reporting & Analytics

Truly see every aspect of your business, not just the tip of the iceberg.

Find out what lead sources are actually responsible for the closed deals.

See transaction aging reports, predictive lead behavior, and agent and team performance.

Everything you need at your fingertips for smart and profitable decision-making.

The reporting and performance center gives me valuable information on what leads of mine actually end up closing and at a predictable rate over time. I understand how to better invest my marketing dollars to maximize my ROI.


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