Smart CRM

A Serious Follow-Up Machine

Your CRM should be SMART. It can be one of your highest value 'employees'. We have setup kvCORE's Smart CRM to do all the things you would want your smartest employee to do—rating and scoring leads, categorizing your potentials for follow-up, and leveraging your Sphere of Influence. Now you can do all of this in one place with kvCORE.

  • Intelligent for Leads, Contacts, Sphere & More

    Most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools only manage leads and contacts. We've built the Smart CRM not only for leads and contacts, but to handle easily handle lead-generation as well as your sphere of influence.

  • Automatic Lead Routing Rules

    The hard truth is, not all salespeople are created equal.


    So why distribute leads equally? Each business has its A-team filled with rock stars that can close just about anything. kvCORE allows for automatic lead routing based upon business analytics and team performance insights.


    No more sending the best leads to the worst salesperson.

  • Tasks & Task Plans

    "Where do I start today? Which lead should I call first? What should I do next?"


    The days of uncertainty and non-direction are over. Everyday when you login, kvCORE creates tasks for each agent to complete on a daily basis.


    The less time your agents spends thinking about what to do, the more valuable their time becomes.

  • Roles & Lead-Sharing

    Working with someone from your organization has never been easier. You can now share a lead with your ISA, Transaction Coordinator, Listing Coordinator, and even your Lender to minimize roadblocks.

    When you share a lead, you can both communicate and collaborate directly on the lead/contact information.


    You finally have all the information you need directly on the lead/contacts page.

The Inside Real Estate system has eliminated 5 systems that I was trying to piece together.

Our team is more excited, and I can't believe the level of automation and reporting that I can see in our leads and contacts.


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