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  • How Do You Rank? 5 Tips for Real Estate SEO Success

    By iremarketing

    When it comes to real estate lead generation strategies, many agents seem to have a love/hate relationship with search engine optimization (SEO). At times it can feel like you’re chasing an elusive dream. “What does Google want?” Outside of the algorithm-developing nerve center, no one may ever completely know. What we do know is, we […]

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  • Real Estate SEO and Marketing Impacts from Google’s Incessant Changes

    By Inside Real Estate

    It is likely no secret to any real estate seo’s, marketers or professionals in the space that ‘are just geeky enough to get into trouble’ – Google has been updating its algorithm like the mad, mad machine that it is. It is always up for debate whether their mantra of ‘Do no evil’ is in […]

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  • Is Your Brokerage Wasting Your Real Estate Leads & Face Time?

    By Joe Skousen missing-real-estate-leads

    We talk a lot about how to drive more real estate leads and more visibility. One question you might be facing right now, is whether you really are taking advantage of the leads and visibility that you currently have.

    Let’s say you are currently getting leads from Trulia, Zillow, or another real estate portal or network. You also get leads from your Sphere of Influence or Referral Base. You may even do some Pay per click or have some naturally-generated leads on your website. The question is, what real conversion rate are you seeing right now…

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  • What REO Did to Your Real Estate Online Marketing Ability

    By Joe Skousen Change Your Online Real Estate Marketing Strategy

    o, you did some (or lots) of REO, Foreclosures and Short Sales – or maybe now you are moving quickly into the Short Sale scene. Well, first off, good for you – you know how to watch the trends. Secondly, your online marketing probably stinks.

    We’re not trying to pick a fight, we are just going off what we have seen from about 85% of the brokers that come to Inside Real Estate. The truth is, REO came at a much-needed time, and there are still a good number of brokers doing well with it. Hopefully you have also seen that it can really murder your marketing presence and your marketing equity. Let me give you 3 reasons why this ought to scare you a bit, and why you ought to change that.

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  • 5 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas (Plus a Bonus Blogging Tip)

    By Joe Skousen

    Real Estate Marketing and lead generation can be a tough sport. No wonder we have a hard time sometimes in getting people to like, comment, share our marketing – so often, we forget the core of what our marketing needs to be about. In a rush for SEO, SEM, Leads and the like, we forget that real value draws a real return. So how do you make sure you are getting all of the Content setup just the right way and pushing it out?

    Well, here are 5 Content Ideas for your Real Estate Marketing efforts that can drive some Real Results:

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  • Real Estate SEO & Leads by Submitting Your Real Estate Website to Social Media or Blog Indexes

    By Joe Skousen

    This quick post is really intended to show you a few things about how setting up your site to leverage Social Media, Social Bookmarking or Blog Indexing sites can help.

    At Inside Real Estate, this process is taken care fo for you, because otherwise, how would you keep track of which sites are good, which sites are bad, and what you should spend time tracking down (not to mention finding the time to do whatever you determine is good).

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  • Kicking Real Estate Butt with Social Media & IDX

    By Joe Skousen kicking-butt-real-estate-marketing

    We all know that you have that competition that you are trying to stay ahead of, and we also know that you really need to make sure that you have a solid getting/staying ahead in 2013. The real question is, how are you tackling the most successful real estate marketing mediums: Real Estate SEO and Real Estate Social Media?

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  • Your 2013 RE Fortune Cookie: Optimized IDX, Social & Lead-Gen For You!

    By Joe Skousen

    No, we don’t make fortune cookies over here, and we don’t even make very good Chinese Food (unfortunately). We do, however, bake up some pretty sweet online marketing for real estate agents and brokerages around the country.

    Why do we start with such a cheesy title about your fortune – because we get asked all the time. Most of the questions that come through are how we can guarantee that an agent is going to do more business. Well, here is the deal. The top agents and brokerages understand that successful online marketing for real estate comes as a result of a partnership-style relationship with the right marketing solution and company. So, while we can’t work your customers for you, we can guarantee results on our side of the fence!

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  • Home Prices Soaring… Is Your Real Estate Marketing Ready?

    By Joe Skousen 4.3% Increase in Home prices over last 12 months

    Any agent or broker catching the news over the past week or so,  has gotten just a little jump in excitement.  We all knew 2013 was going to be a big year for us in the industry – we all felt like business was already picking up (for some, it’s been picking up for a […]

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  • Your IDX Real Estate Website – Do You Show up For Listings on Google?

    By Joe Skousen

    Do You know what one of the biggest sources of NEW, HOT REAL ESTATE LEADS is? It is having your website optimized to show up for specific listing addresses when they are searched on Google?

    Now, you may say to yourself: “Self, I only have [1,2,3…whatever] listings right now – not a lot of opportunity.”

    What we are talking about, is REALLY showing up for A LOT of listings from your IDX feed on your website. The trick is having a Real Estate IDX Website that is highly search engine optimized to target those specific listings, and then having an overall presence that supports that.

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